The Ultimate Pantry Pack
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The Ultimate Pantry Pack

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The Ultimate Pantry Pack is the best way to get your pantry stocked with nutritious wholesome ingredients. We have designed the ultimate pack to give you complete flexibility on your cooking creativity. From snacks, sweet treats and savoury meals your choice is endless on what you can make with these ingredients. 

Keep your pantry organised and ingredients fresh with our glass/bamboo food storage range. Bamboo Glass Jars with the matching label sets.

The Ultimate Pantry Pack includes:

Organic raw nut mix 250grams
Organic seed mix 250grams
Organic rainbow fruit mix 250grams
Organic quick oats 500grams
Organic unbleached white spelt flour 500grams
Organic wholemeal spelt flour 500grams
Organic brown rice syrup 500ml 1
Organic fussili with tomato and spinach 500grams
Organic oven roasted cashews 250grams
Organic medjool dates 250grams
Almond meal natural 250grams
Organic shredded coconut 250grams
Organic coconut sugar 250grams
Organic jasmin rice 500grams
Organic peanut butter smooth 1
Organic muesli 38% fruit-nuts-seed 500grams
Organic Brazil nuts 250grams
Celtic sea salt 250grams
Organic cacao powder 250grams
Organic raw honey 500grams 1
Organic coconut oil purified/deodorised 500lm 1

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