Organic Raw Honey - Australian 500g
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Organic Raw Honey - Australian 500g

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This 100% organic Australian raw honey is as pure and natural as honey can be, packed full of natural goodness! Extracted and produced at low temperature (less than 40 degrees), this delicious organic raw honey retains its natural flavours and health properties.

Organic raw honey is naturally rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients and prebiotic properties. Commercial processing methods which use heat and pasteurisation destroy most of this natural goodness.

Raw honey will naturally crystallize over time. To liquefy again, simply stand in warm water and stir. 

How to use

Organic raw honey can be enjoyed as a delicious spread, added to smoothies as a great pre-workout energy source, as a substitute for sugar, in baking, cooking, drinks, desserts and even in beauty products! 

Organic raw honey will naturally candy over time. Only truly raw honey will crystallise so readily! To liquefy again, simply stand in warm water and stir.

Growing and processing

The honey is extracted from the hive using low heat (less than 40 degrees) and then run through a natural filter. 

How can honey be certified organic? 
To be officially certified, bee hives must be made from certified organic materials and only exposed to organic environments and organic beekeeping techniques during in the preparation of the honey. 

Sites are regularly audited to meet a rigorous checklist of requirements to reach certification, including being outside a 5km radius of all non-organic normal farms & agricultural land. 

Our honey comes from beehives placed in national parks in Western QLD and NSW - specifically placed in isolated areas away from any type of contamination (golf courses, agricultural areas, heavy traffic areas and landfills).

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