Our top 10 tips for living a low waste life

Moving towards a low waste life doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. And it certainly doesn’t have to happen overnight! Think of it as a journey. Here are our top 10 tips for moving towards a low waste life for you and your family. 

1. Commit to reusable bags for both shopping and produce. Leave some in the car and your day to day bag so that you’re never caught out! Here are our favourite produce bags (whoever there are plenty on the market). https://www.onyalife.com/product/reusable-produce-bag-8pack/ 
2. Commit to reusable water bottles for the entire family. It is estimated that 14% of the worlds litter comes from beverage containers. In Australia alone around 373 million plastic water bottles end up as waste each year.
3. Learn to love a good keep cup! With so many beautiful designs on the market now, there really is no excuse for contributing to the estimated 1 billion disposable coffee cups thrown away by Australians every year. We personally think keep cups make great gifts for friends and family too.
4. Discover reusable coffee pods (our personal favourite are from http://www.sealpod.com.au) or biodegradable coffee pods (we love urban brew) for your morning coffee. Or if it’s time to replace your coffee machine – consider a machine that uses ground coffee rather than pods.
5. Swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one. This one is EASY!
6. Build a zero waste kit and keep it in your car or bag for when you’re out and about to avoid single use plastic. We have in ours; a reusable shopping bag, 2 stainless steel straws, 2 cutlery sets, a sealable container, a keep cup and some face washers (for cleaning up the inevitable mess!). 
7. BUY FOOD WITHOUT PACKAGING. Obviously, this is a passionate point for us. Wherever possible, use your own containers, buy in bulk, buy at farmers markets and avoid fresh food wrapped in plastic at the supermarket at all costs!
8. Use bar soap instead of liquid soap whenever possible. It comes with far less packaging and is often PLASTIC FREE! 
9. Meal plan to avoid food waste. This is a big one in our house. When planning goes out the window – we find a LOT more waste ends up in the bin. Try to meal plan the week ahead and stick to your list at your weekly grocery shop. Don’t forget to include snacks in the plan!
10. Buy locally made goods when possible. Not only are you supporting a local business – but you’re helping to reduce the waste created by buying goods that have been imported.  
We would love to hear your low waste tips, feel free to email us at info@thepantryaustralia.com.au or share with us on Facebook + Instagram pages.