How our products are packed?


We are passionate about our environment and strive to protect it as much as possible. Our packaging is a direct reflection of this and what sets us apart from other bulk wholefoods stores. Limiting single use plastics and using renewable, recyclable packaging is our number one priority. 
Our products are packed in 100% biodegradable and compostable, unbleached Eco paper bags, made from sustainably sourced materials. They have a re-sealing tin tie to keep products as fresh as possible. We encourage our customers to re-use these bags where possible and then throw them in the compost when no longer required. Please note that the tin tie and label will need to be removed before composting.  
Where possible we use recyclable paper wrap made from renewable sources to protect our glass products. Again we encourage our customers to re-use this useful wrap or recycle it where possible. The exception to this is when sending our bamboo glass jars – which will come protected in plastic bubble wrap. While we would love to avoid the use of any plastics – we have found that the risk of breakage to the jars is too high. However, please remember that by purchasing and using these beautiful glass jars in your pantry – you are reducing your use of single use plastics on a regular basis. Please re-use and recycle this plastic wrap where possible.  

Think globally, act locally!